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Fabien Haddadi is a Franco-Australian engineer in Information Technologies, graduated from the University of Bordeaux (MEng, ENSCBP, 1997), specialised in Internet technologies.


Already back in primary school, and maybe because he was left alone a bit too much by distant parents, he seeks shelter in books and sports (athletics, tennis and cycling).
He quickly demonstrates a vocation for sciences, both theoretical and practical; astronomy first, then chemistry, and finally physics and mathematics. This wasn't so much formal schooling but rather his older sisters' high school books, found in the attic of the family home, that initially brought his knowledge.

By the age of ten, he read Year 12 revision courses in science, and later followed undergraduate courses in Tours (the city of Descartes, which is his high school is named after), and Bordeaux (France).

He made eclecticism his goal, but spent maybe too much time on his bike and bass guitar to afford doctoral studies, popular among his theatre peers. What matters from then on, and until today, is four verbs:

  1. understand
  2. learn
  3. excel
  4. help

Understand the surrounding world, in the larger sense, i.e natural things but also industry methods and processes.

Learn the material necessary to understand, but also to gauge by himself the established processes.   Barely influenceable, he prefers to compare, analyse, then pick.

Excel, or rather, seek excellence, aware that he will never reach perfection, while refusing to abandon eclecticism.

Help out others, that derives in two flavours:
help out his peers, the ones with knowledge of the same industry, to successfully achieve complex outcomes together, in the pure tradition of the human enterprise.
help out everyone around, whether it be conveying knowledge, optimal methods, or simply help in everyday life; hold a door, carry something heavy for someone, volunteer for noble causes, or increase human knowledge by bringing his nano-contribution.

He lives with his family between France and Australia, connected to and respecting the environment, while spending time and effort to convey the proper tools to his two children, which, says he, "should allow them to choose their own paths, in full supply of the means necessary to excel at, or be decently good at what they eventually choose on their own paths."

Feel free to leave a nice little note here, or even a nasty little insult; well, some kind of human reaction . . .


Because everything is not just about money, he regularly participates in volunteer actions, mainly in blood donation, three times a year, and also cleaning public places operations, and in sports events.


Fabien has added a number of contributions to the Internet on third party websites for a long time now, including translations to Google Translate, pictures on Google Earth, travel reviews for Google and TripAdvisor, and technical posts StackOverflow.com and other StackExchange sites.


Caput, arma et crura sed etiam.

The brains, but also the arms and the legs.
Meaning that I value polyvalence and autonomy in life. The head to take optimised actions; the arms to hunt and gather, to the larger sense; the legs to go places.

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