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No, it ain't Wordpress

A friend of mine asked me why didn't I start my blog off a Wordpress like everyone?
I answered that my thing was precisely to write programs like Wordpress.  To prove it I started to write my own CMS to have this unique and scalable framework that generally matched most common publishing needs, and in particular mine.


fabien-haddadi.info is a personal website aimed at arousing feelings of travel, cuisine, sport, and more.  The former three are quintessential in my life. Add to this my love of sharing all good things, and you naturally get fabien-haddadi.info .

This site is brought to you in French and English, the UN languages.  But here starts and ends the parallel with this institution.
Its content is exclusively original, all photos and articles were created ex-nihilo.  The subjects discussed only reflect my opinion, that you may or may not share. Bearing in mind that the goal of this website is less to swallow it all or reject it all than to catalise your analysis about the facts exposed, cross-examining other sources of information.  Make up your own mind. Until then, enjoy your visit on fabien-haddadi.info!


Historically named tropicalm.net after the tropical and calm state of Queensland, as seen during a 1998 trip, it became by the end of the 90's a personal collection of travel pictures and travelogues around the backpacker style journeys that I undertook during that decade. You know, these are the kinds of journeys where 90% of the budget are allocated to airfare.  It was the good old days of late degriftour.com .
In the noughties the "Resources" section came up, where an eclectic choice of subjects served all at once as a time capsule for all my brainstorms.

In April 2011, fabien-haddadi.info changed skin and received a new name, as well as a new look & feel and a new layout, more thematic.
Its historic functions remain.
Its selfish function is to set in digital marble the places, glimpses, and key events of my life for later reference, for instance for my children to view.
Its social function is to share with others activities that I love, such as discovering other places, sport, cuisine, and much more.

What next?

Since April 2018, on my free time, I have been writing the next version, which is PHP7 compliant, and is relying on a all new set of hierarchical objects (OOP), separating even more the business and the data layers, and adding a more powerful logging and reporting capability.

This site obviously cannot claim to be an academic reference among others, nor should it be taken as a diktat generator, but rather as a "nano-contribution" to the global knowledge available online, using my "micro-means".
Mihi et Orbi (Latin for "to me and to the world"), I could use it in a very much personal context to find out the quantity of sugar needed in an almond cream recipe, or when I feel like seeing my pictures of the streets of Jakarta, and hopefully it will inspire some cyclist somewhere to ride from Paris to Etampes.
Half-way between "Quelle horreur to turn on a computer" and "my life online!", I will always enjoy authoring new thoughts or designated pictures with you.

Technical note

This website has been entirely handcrafted by myself.  It is powered by the following technos: PHP7, MySQL, CSS3, XHTML, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, Google Tools and mod_rewrite.

Photo credits

All photo credits to Fabien Haddadi unless otherwise specified.  All rights reserved.

Tropicalm.net Network

This website is based on a CMS that I developed in order to respond to simple and frequent requests of authors on the Internet:
write and present contents that include a meta-language for quick typographic insertion; it displays news topics but also less volatile items browsable in a hierarchical fashion. These topics can be interconnected as needed, and will be indexed by search engines.
This framework is called the Tropicalm.net Framework (TFW).  It allows the plugging of any number of other web sites built on the same model, while leaving room for customisation of themes in terms of look and feel.   Each plug-in, called consumers, has its own database, but common elements are shared with its hierarchical base: common.tropicalm.net, called the content delivery provider.

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