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Confidentiality and Data Usage Policy

Key: I will simply call this website F-H hereafter.

Right to get informed

In accordance with the General Private Data Regulation, may 2018, aka GPDR, I must oblige by providing you with a transparent information regarding any use of personal data made on this website, and also on the usage of cookies herein.   You should get access to this information hereafter. If you still have any enquiry, feel free to contact me this via contact form.

Personal Data Gathering

At least upon your first visit onto F-H should you see the confidentiality agreement and personal data usage policy banner, and prompted to supply an answer. Whichever your answer is, you will be able to continue browsing F-H, with more or less features.

Personal data gathering is extremely limited on F-H.  It is restricted to the only collection of your email and name, two free form inputs, in the contact form referenced above.

IP address logging

IP address logging of who visits F-H is beyond my control. Like all websites in the world, HTTP servers log the IP address of all incoming HTTP queries. This is precisely what may help Justice to find out who makes fraudulent or criminal use of a website, or attempts cyberattacks. Past this use, IP address logging might be used by me via statistical tools provided by my web hosting service OVH.com, AWStats and Urchin, which plot dots on a world map, grossly scattered by countries and cities, never more precisely.
In particular, no IP address processing is ever achieved on F-H information system.
At OVH, access logs are kept for 13 months.

Cookie Usage

Depending on the answer provided at the initial confidentiality policy agreement, cookies may be stored in your browser.  These cookies are:

Website Usage Statistical Tool

In this version of F-H, Google Tag Manager is not used. Use of Google Analytics is restricted to access statistics through Google Search. A Google Search use applied to F-H only, available through the searchbar located in the top right corner of F-H, is also possible, which would also feed the statistics mentionned above.

Your right to change your mind

At any time can you change your mind about the answer you provided online when asked about your consent to the condidentiality agreement on F-H.  This is how:

"I refused, now I would like to accept."

"I accepted, now I would like to refuse."

  1. In your browser, hit F12, Memory section, Cookies subsection, select the domain that matches the URL, delete cookie named trackerPolicyAcceptance.
  2. Switch to Session Storage subsection, select www.fabien-haddadi.info, delete trackerPolicyAcceptance key.
  3. Continue browsing normally, or hit F5 to reload the current page.

"I would just like to see the policy banner again."

  1. In your browser, hit F12, Memory section or Application depending on the browser, Session Storage subsection, select the domain that matches the URL, delete trackerPolicyAcceptance key.
  2. Switch to Cookies subsection, select www.fabien-haddadi.info, delete cookie named trackerPolicyAcceptance if present.
  3. Continue browsing normally, or hit F5 to reload the current page.  The consent banner should now show up.

The author, Fabien Haddadi.

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