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Fabien Haddadi, born 1974 in Chinon, France, is a Franco-Australian Information Technology Consultant in PHP and Full-Stack, following graduate studies in Physics, Chemistry, and Information Technology.
Graduated with a Master's degree from The Graduate School of Chemistry and Physics of Bordeaux, France (later renamed ENSCBP), in July 1997, after three years of graduate study and following two years of fast track in Pure Science in Tours, France, my hometown.


From a young age he has been immersed in Sciences, even before he reached ten, so much he wants to understand the rules of the physical world surrounding him. He switched from pure science to applied science in 1998 forking to IT, then onto Humanities, starting with a serious revision of understanding of latitude and longitude when he migrated to Australia in 2002.
Now a global citizen, he lives between two cultures, in a delicate blend of physical and mental activities.  An unofficial polytechnic school in short.


Against the unsocialising and dehumanising progress.

Among your 300 Facebook "friends", who would really send you a pack of Tim-Tams overseas during a desperate period of withdrawal?

Traditional is beautiful.

Leave pavlova meringues white! There's more to this metaphore than meets the eye.

The Tour Eiffel is better seen far.

Whoever has never lived as an expatriate cannot fully appreciate all the aspects of their native culture.

You too are worth it!

Me me me . . .   In my Bio, I could have talked about me thoroughly, but none would really be interested, so I was concise. However, I believe that some is better than none.  Talking about yourself and your surrounding environment matters, as long as you do not fall into the other extreme: narcissism. Could you believe you too are worth it?.

Grow your ego as well as your rearview mirrors!

With both your qualities and your shortcomings, YOU are important.  You don't need to venerate idols, whether it be on TV, in newspapers, in magazines, in concerts. You share the same rights as them, provided you know how to, and can transform your intrinsic values into valuable actions for the Community.

This is why on fabien-haddadi.info, using randoms subjects, I encourage you to think, by putting forward my ideas, my opinions, my recipes, my photos, my demonstrations. In a nutshell, I give you food for thought, from which everyone will make up their own minds.

The subjacent project is that I push you to find the Truth in anything, and truth does not have any religious connotation here.   I stimulate your reflexion, for you to aim at a better personal life, a better relationship, to the larger sense of it, in both the private and the public domains, therefore creating a nano-contribution to a better life on Earth.

So this is it, the door is wide open.  Add a positive contribution around you! Please don't go as far as sending these messianic lines to your address book hence polluting the Internet further, thank you very much!


Because everything is not just about money, I regularly participate in volunteer actions, mainly in blood donation, three times a year, and also cleaning public places operations, and in sports events.


Among my other contributions to the Internet, you will probably bump into a couple of bass tabs (Hotel California, transcribed in 1995), PHP code samples, stackoverflow.com contributions, and also Google Maps Views (and the ones seens on Google Earth).

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